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What is the Valet Service?

For those subscribers who would like assistance in cataloging or photographing their collection, we offer our Valet Service. We are pleased to send our own associates to visit you to catalog on premises. Alternatively, you can send us your paperwork and images for input at our office.

What does the Valet Service cost?

The cost of the Valet Service varies for each customer. To get a customized quote, simply email us at

In your email, please provide the following details: size of the collection; whether or not you require us to photograph your collection; location of items (city and state); nature of the collection (e.g. sculpture, glass, etc.); and when you need the services completed.

We will provide a written quote within 48 hours.

How do I request Valet Service?

If you would like to use our Valet Service, simply email us at with your requirements and contact information. We'll get right back to you!