How can I be assured my data will be kept private?

We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy on our website at

We pledge to you:
1. Your Data is Yours

We do not own your data. Putting content into CollectorCollector does not change its ownership or copyright status. If the data was yours to begin with, it remains yours after you put it in CollectorCollector.

By putting data in CollectorCollector, you give us permission to do certain things with it for the purpose of running our service. For example, you give us permission to back it up, send it on a network, index it for searching, display it on your computer etc. Some of these operations may require us to send your data to our normal business partners–such as a network operator–that we have contracted with to provide parts of the CollectorCollector Service.

Other than giving us the permission to perform these limited operations so we can run the CollectorCollector Service, you retain all the rights to your data.

2. Your Data is Protected

Everything you put into CollectorCollector is private by default. We never look at it, analyze it, share it, use it to target ads, data mine it, etc.–unless you specifically ask us to do one of these things. Our business model does not depend on “monetizing” your data in any way. Rather, it depends on building trust and providing a great service that more and more people choose to pay for.

There are features inCollectorCollector which may you to publish and share some of your data with others, but these are totally optional and whether or not you use them is up to you.

In addition, we take many precautions to protect your data from accidental loss and theft. Everything you put into CollectorCollector is stored in our secure data center with multiple redundant servers, storage devices and off-site backups. Communication between CollectorCollector clients and our servers is encrypted via industry-standard SSL. We don’t store your password on our servers and no one at CollectorCollector will ever ask you for it.